Fair Trade on the west coast

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Fair Trade awareness on the west coast waayyyyy out does the East Coast, from my experience (San Fran to Philly at least).

I’d always heard of “Fair Trade bananas” and finally indulged because they sold them in an organic/health shop on Haight street in San Francisco, but we’ve seen many more signs supporting and explaining Fair Trade in places we’ve been so far out here in California.

AWESOME MARKET where we found Fair Trade bananas!

We were also amazed when we ventured through the mountains across the Golden Gate bridge and there was Fair Trade coffee being brewed in our little old cottage hostel.. The hostel even had a big sign explaining the benefits of Fair Trade to make guests aware- you couldn’t miss it as you fill your cup.

And all throughout San Francisco there are little cafes with Fair Trade coffee brewing. It’s lovely.

And oh my goodness, Ben & Jerry’s in San Fran offers so much Fair Trade! We even asked the B&J’s workers what they know about Fair Trade and it seems they’re all very well trained! They even told us about fairs around town they participate in to teach others about Fair Trade.

Yesterday we were excited to visit Fair Trade USA in Oakland, CA, across the Bay Bridge. The office was really awesome and everyone that works there was very friendly- we enjoyed some fresh brewed Fair Trade coffee from Indonesia & snacked on delicious mint chocolate, toured the office, and were introduced to everyone we’ll be working with at the Natural Products Expo West. (We are excited beyond beliefffff). We’ll be blogging about hot new Fair Trade products, working a Fair Trade Happy Hour & a Fair Trade tweet up!

Here are some pictures from our visit at the office…

Fair Trade cup of coffee from Indonesia:

All the products!

My favorite products..

Just another day in the office 😉


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